• Real photos

    Images show them what to expect in real life

  • Simple language

    Carefully selected language that's easy to understand

  • Beneficial anytime

    Perfect for reading before to prepare, and after to process


✔ Effective learning content that's simply fun and engaging for children

✔ Reduces the risk of tantrums, creating more positive experiences for all

✔ No extra work for caregivers — use in existing reading routines

✔ Compatible with all parenting philosophies and teaching methods

✔ Delivered in two days or available instantly by download

A little prep goes a long way

Preparation is a proven, evidence-based method used by child development experts for improving social skills and behavior.

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  • "All real photos that are terrific"

    "I highly recommend for pediatric Occupational Therapists, parents of toddlers or parents with kids with Autism. If you're a Montessori parent, this is exactly up your alley."

  • "Game changer"

    "This book has totally changed our dentist game for my 3 year old!! My daughter understood everything, knew what to expect and she did amazing. Thank you."

  • "Series continued to help"

    "We first purchased 'Going On A Plane' and it was so effective we purchased all of the other books in the series. Makes our life so easy when taking our toddler through new experiences!"

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