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What topics and subjects do Toddler Prep™ books cover?

Our mission is to help you prepare your toddler for all of life’s big experiences. We have 25 available titles on Amazon and are constantly adding more!  

Some of our most popular titles include Going on an Airplane, Going to the Dentist, Going to the Doctor, Going to get a Haircut and It’s Potty Time (a great potty training guide for parents and toddlers alike).  

Don’t see the experience or topic that you’re looking for? Drop us a request at info@readysetprep.co! Let us know why a Toddler Prep book on that topic would be helpful, and we’ll send you a free copy if we end up writing it!

Why should I prepare my toddler for big experiences?

Preparation is a simple and effective method to buffer children against early and long-term adversity. Children who know what to expect and have a clear understanding of a situation are more confident, effectively reducing the risk of uncontrolled behavioral outbursts and resulting in more positive experiences for everyone.

Additionally, helping your little ones understand what to expect in new situationsbuilds their confidence and strengthens their trust in you.  Although the newsituation may be overwhelming and they may still get big emotions, they knowthey can look to you to help guide them. 

Can we still read Toddler Prep™ books for experiences we’ve already had?

YES! Toddler Prep™ books are actually great tools to help toddlers through experiences that may have been challenging or intimidating in the past. You can even use the following three-step approach for experiences to get the greatest benefit:

How are Toddler Prep™ books different from other children’s books?

Most children’s books are designed for entertainment first – they use bright colors and illustrations, fictional characters and singsong-y writing. Toddler Prep™ books are such highly effective learning tools because they use real photography and simple, straightforward language – but they’re still just as fun and engaging for kids, who often ask to read them again, and again, and again…

Additionally, children benefit from seeing photos of diverse children in real situations. Not only does is it a tool to help them visualize themselves in the situation, it ultimately sets them up better to align their expectations with reality. 

Do your books really work?

Yes! Toddler Prep Books are a hit with caregivers and toddlers alike – we’ve helped prepare thousands of children and counting!  But don’t just take our word for it – you can check out the hundreds of five-star reviews from satisfied parents (and their toddlers) who love our books.

I read your toddler prep book to my child, and they still had a tantrum! What gives?

Unfortunately, even if you do everything “right” to prepare a toddler, theiremotions may still get the best of them.  Tantrums are a normal part of a child’sbehavioral development. Our books can lessen the severity of their tantrum sothey can more rapidly move through their emotions. Time and repetition will alsohelp with lessening the frequency and duration of tantrums.

What ages are your books appropriate for?

We believe parents know their children best when determining if a book is right for them. Most of our readers fall between the ages of 1 and 5.

Are these books only for parents?

Not at all! Language in the book is carefully selected so that any child caregiver – parent, grandparents, guardian, teacher, or anyone who spends time around kids – can read the books without having to modify the writing.

Moreover, we frequently receive reviews and feedback from child development experts – teachers, occupational therapists, child life specialists, speech pathologists and more – who use our books in their curriculum or as part of their day-to-day with patients.

Do you offer bulk ordering?

We don’t offer bulk ordering at this time – but we’re working on it!

Please email your request to info@readysetprep.co, and we’ll let you know whenwe have a bulk ordering option available.

Do you offer any other books?

Join our email list for announcements about a new book series and other toddler-focused products!.

Will your ebook file work on my device?

ebook files are epub format. This ensures that you have the flexibility to view our books on your tablet, Kindle, or other ebook reader.

Do you ship outside of the US?

Yes! You can purchase the paperback version of our books on Amazon in multiple countries. Digital versions of our books are available worldwide.

Are your books available in other languages?

We’re currently working to make our books available in other languages. Please send requests for your desired language to info@readysetprep.co.

How do I transfer .mobi file to my kindle?

Simply connect your kindle to your computer using a USB cable and drop the file into the documents folder and you are done!